Sudoku Solver

This C program was written by Yuvarajaa and Me in our first year at the college. First version was completed in December 2006 and final version by February 2007. Since none of us had a blog or webpage it was not put in web then.

Download the source code here(version 2.1). This is the binary.

It compiles in any Unix environment with ncurses library and a C compiler. I tested it using GCC with Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Fedora GNU/Linux platforms. Usual command line to get the executable named sudoku is

$ gcc -o sudoku -lncurses sudoku.c

The source code is licenced under GNU GPL. Full details regarding the liscencing can be seen in the souce code file itself. The comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

Those who have only windows/DOS programming experience can download this file. It can be compiled in Windows using TurboC/Microsoft C. However this file is older version and may have bugs and slower code.

The Algorithm
The algorithm used in this program follows what we humans do while solving a sudoku. This includes scanning, identifying triple etc. This is slower but easier to understand than dangling links etc. This algorithm does not apply any type of brute force(trial &error) techniques. for more info on this algorithm visit my blog entry here.