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I'm Doing B.Tech(Aeronautical Engineering) at Madras Institute of Technology and am currently in the third year of my study there. I'm interested in astrophysics, quantum physics and discrete mathematics(computers!). Of late this has got me into quantum computing/cryptography.   After my study at MIT, I hope to continue my higher studies in quantum physics.

I strongly support free knowledge & open access and believe in the "conviction that knowledge should be accessible and sharable without restrictions"1.

Consequently I use GNU/Linux and support free software ideals too. Some of my programs and other related works  can be found here.

I have a blog here.

I also blog at Kanimozhi(Its a Tamil group blog about FOSS, managed by Amachu.)


Mail me at akilan27<at>gmail<dot>com.
My profile(Orkut)
If you happen to be at MIT, meet me at 5003. Just stand in front and shout Akilan.

1. Quoted from this wikipedia entry.

Creative Commons LicenseExcept where otherwise noted this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 India License. Exceptions include, but not limited to, some of my programs which are licensed under GNU GPL, in which case it is stated so explicitly.